Nastase House

Architecture : Laboratorul de arhitectură

Architects: Diana Nitreanu

Type: residential duplex units P+1 Size: 100 sqm / unit Location: modular units for rectangular sites Execution year: project to be sold upon request

Style: minimalist

Sunrise Condominium is conceived on elegant concept, displaying an unique building design, expressing modern simplicity. The aim was to realize a modern and private society with only 12 units to fulfill all lifestyles for every family. With perfect functions, it’s designed to complete interior and exterior space surrounded by an ambiance that responses to multi – fun activities, the best answer to a balanced way of living. The project is designed to meet the needs for those who strive for a living in suburbs, escaping the congestion and bustle of the crowded city. Sunrise Condominium is a small step for young people, first jobbers to establish the first home of their own, with the suitable room size. All 12 units are designed in the form called ‘Modernisim Style’, focusing on simplicity, yet emphasizes the building brightness and cleanliness with white tone and breaks with marble, brass and wood, creating ongoing rhythm and motion of such eye-catching volumes. Moreover, the project master plan is designed to activate the wake of living together as one small community or ‘Neighborhood Social’. The layout of each module, emphasize the airy design and creative space among residents, eliminating the feeling of uncomfortable from crowded, yet not to far apart from being part of the project. In addition, the layout can also cause the formation of free space creating good energy between the residents and much further a vibrant community. The Duplex house plan in modern architecture, describes an efficient floor plan, both units with 2 bedrooms, suitable to small and narrow lot. Closed courtyard will provide privacy in crowded neighborhood. At the ground floor, this design features 2 car garage, family hall, kitchen with dining, living and guest toilet. From the main entrance you can see the living room which is open all the way to the dining and kitchen. The sleeping area is located at the first floor.